Thursday, October 20, 2016

Angry Eggroll in Austin, Texas

The Drunken Master and the Grasshopper

After a number of drinks tonight, I needed food. I thus stumbled around for a while before coming across this cluster of food trucks, most of which were closed at such a late hour. But this guy was open (650 Red River Street). And the thin flaky greasy skin of an egg roll sounded like just what the doctor ordered, assuming that it was something like King Eggroll. I thus ordered one of each of the two items on his menu, one featuring pork and one vegetarian.

Only after I ordered did I realize that these were US$7 each. What the f*ck kind of eggroll costs $7? (cue: John Travolta ordering a milkshake in Pulp Fiction) It was only after he finished frying them did I realize why they were so expensive. These weren't egg rolls. These huge things were like chimichangas! And no, the crudely cut vegetables inside weren't anything to be desired; it reminded me of Panda Express.

Still, I have to admit that I still ate both of these things pretty quickly, despite the fact that the accompanying sauce was rather sweet. I guess some kind of a salty greasy fried thing would still be welcome after a number of drinks. So what was the best thing that I liked about this place? (aside from the fact that he was pretty nice) It was the fact that he gave a mini York Peppermint Patty with each "egg roll."

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