Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Nonya Mee Goreng at Restoran Kwai Sun in KL

Nonya Mee Goreng

A teammate suggested this for lunch today, as there was a stall at Restoran Kwai Sun (5 Jalan SS 15/4G) in Subang serving a more unique take on mee goreng. I'm not sure exactly what made it Nonya (he said something about it being slightly sour if I heard him correctly), but this thing was delicious, with lots of crispy bits of fat weaved into it. I wolfed this salty spicy cholesterol bomb down in seconds and could've easily eaten a second plate while waiting for the rest of my teammates to finish. Nice one, and that chendol stall out on the street next to the rojak stall was nice and refreshing too. Yum.

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