Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Santhi Vilas Restaurant in Singapore's Little India

Just Rice

Someone mentioned this place to me the other day (8 Cuff Road, 6297-2256), saying that it was a humble place for home-cooked Indian vegetarian food. Indeed, they didn't even have a menu. OK, they had a small snack menu, but none of it was available today. The guy at the front told me that all he had was "just rice."

And by that, he meant rice on a banana leaf with a bunch of nice curries to go with it. None of it was overly spicy, and yet was still a pleasure to eat with different textures in there. This all went down my throat pretty quickly...and that was using my hands, by the way. I didn't see any utensils around, nor were any other customers using them. So I put my eat-with-your-hands skills to the test and did much better than I thought I would, if I don't mind saying so myself.

So there you have it: no menu, no utensils, and no air conditioning either. But it was fun, and all for the bargain price of S$4.50 (US$3.30). If I understood it correctly, they gave free refills too, making this thing a a pretty good deal. One serving was plenty for me though.

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Unknown said...

From what I know, their dosa, chapati, vadai, idli, sweets, etc are available in the late afternoon, everyday. Reaching there just before 6pm will be ideal for everything to be available, or you can try from 4pm onwards. I think these are also available in the early morning but I have never been there so early. I think you can ask for fork and spoon, and they have a wash basin inside to wash your hands. They also have take-away at the counter inside where you queue up to order. Remember to collect the bill and pay at the counter at the entrance.