Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Wenzhou Da Huntun in Taipei, Taiwan

Noodles and Wontons

Once again after a long day of meetings, I needed a quick bite before going upstairs to get more work done, and these guys were around the corner (2 Linsen South Road, 2357-7315). I had my hopes up since they had a big sign touting hongyou chaoshou.

But when it arrived, there was hardly any red oil on top of my wontons, and the noodles that they suggested didn't look like anything special either. At least they had a little jar of decently potent chili sauce on the side that perked both items up pretty quickly.

Actually, are these guys a chain? I just realized that I might have eaten at a similarly named place before (but on the other side of town), and it seems that I was just as disappointed last time too.

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