Monday, June 20, 2016

United's New Non-Stop Flight From Singapore


I took United's new non-stop flight to San Francisco this morning. It was very nice not having to stop in Hong Kong nor needing to wake up so early in the morning anymore.

The menu was a bit different too, including a chicken appetizer with a surprisingly spicy sesame sauce as well as a vegetarian kofta meal. They even had a "Singapore-style soup" as a mid-flight snack, but I didn't try it.

It's interesting that they had to move to Changi Terminal 2 though. It felt much more cramped there, and the Premier Access line was even longer than the normal one this morning.


Makanmata said...

How full was the flight?

bma said...

Nearly full, I believe

Gakuchi said...

I visit San Francisco very three months. I still prefer to fly through Narita & breaking a trip for one night or two nights there.
I'm reaching to 2 mil mile flyer. And feeling tired of flying.