Saturday, June 11, 2016

Kerbside Gourmet at OFC Social Market


I've seen this food truck at events around town, but I've never eaten from them before. So we gave them a try at this weekend's Open Farm Community's Social Market (130E Minden Road, 6471-0306). We started with that avocado and egg on rye above first. Sure, it was tasty, but it was also shockingly small, and certainly not worth the S$15 (US$11) given that we nearly could have made it ourselves at home. We needed more food as a result, and thus got their Kerbside Fried Chicken, a significantly larger and deliciously fried piece of chicken shoved in between thick slices of buttered bread along with some slaw. For the same S$15, that was much more worth it, and also worth getting again next time we run into these guys.

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Richard Myer said...

thats daylight robbery