Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Genarro's Five North Square in Boston

Ricotta Ravioli

I wanted to head into Boston for dinner tonight, so I hopped on a water taxi over to the North End and started walking down Hanover Street. There were tons of Italian restaurants there, and it seemed nearly impossible to distinguish between them all. Many of them were filled with tourists too, so I veered off onto a side street and randomly gave this place a shot (5 North Square, 617-720-1050).

Sure, there were tourists in here too, but at least it was Zagat rated. I grabbed these ravioli above, which were stuffed with local ricotta cheese. Fortunately, they were neither overcooked nor overseasoned, and also came out blazingly fast. But I do want to try some of those seafood restaurants around the corner next time; hopefully there won't be so many tourists.

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