Friday, May 06, 2016

The Hearth by Lynn Crawford at Toronto Airport

Fried egg and peameal bacon on a bun

Wow, they did a really good job of building up Toronto Pearson Airport. Not only is there a great express train to the airport and Global Entry on *this* side of the border, but also several restaurants from local chefs, like this one. I was pretty happy with this fried egg and peameal bacon on a bun, as it was delicate with a lot of flavors but none of them being overpowering.

Still, I was surprised by how slow the service was, especially for an airport restaurant where time is of the essence (to be fair, I think I caught them in the middle of a shift change?). Even more disappointing was the fact that the orange juice was not freshly squeezed, especially since they claimed to focus on local, seasonal, and sustainable ingredients.

Then again, I suppose that it's too cold to grow oranges in Canada, and thus it wouldn't have been possible to get something fresh and local anyway, right? Well, if I'm ever in the US-bound F gates at Terminal 1 again, I might try that gateside bar instead.

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