Thursday, January 28, 2016

"Spinach Soup" at Amoy Street Food Centre

Spinach Soup

When I hear the words "Spinach Soup," I think of something chopped up into a green colored broth. This, on the other hand, looked like just a plain local noodle soup. Still, these guys at Amoy Street Food Centre had a huge line today, and it sounded like it was healthy to boot. I thus duked out the ten minute wait (7 Maxwell Road #02-114).

It was a lot better than it looked, mainly because of the chopped up bits of salted and century eggs, making this thing delightfully savory and creamy at parts. There was some ground pork in there as a bonus, and the spinach of course kept it guilt-free (I loved how he just shoved tons of it in each pot). Yes, I'll eat this again. I wonder if other stalls are going to copy this soon.

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