Thursday, December 24, 2015

Two Different Ways of Doing Gado-Gado


Gado-gado is something that I never really cared for until I finally had a good rendition of it in Jakarta sometime ago. These days, I love it, and had to order some when I saw it on the menu last night. That one above is clearly not how it's typically presented (this was from Nongsa Point Marina & Resort, if it says anything), but the sauce in this one was spicy enough that I still enjoyed it.


That paled in comparison, however, to what we got tonight. I'm not sure if instant noodles usually go into gado-gado, but this thing was delicious, especially since the sauce packed even more heat than the one from last night. Unfortunately, I'm not sure which shop this is from (it was part of a larger dinner delivery request that we gave to the villa staff here in Batam), but I was happy to eat another portion.

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