Friday, December 25, 2015

Returning to Rezeki Seafood Restaurant in Batam

Rezeki Seafood

I was really looking forward to coming back to Rezeki tonight (Pantai Bath Besar, +62-778-761180). Not only is this place all about fresh, cheap seafood, but I really wanted to get that wonderful "BBQ Fish" that I had the first time I was here.


I was a bit let down tonight though. The seafood was of course still fresh, but the fish that we ordered was dry and uninspiring. Part of it surely was because it we got a different (larger) species of fish, but also this one wasn't prepared in a banana leaf, and instead done straight on a fire (basically, ikan bakar). Does anyone know what it's called when it's done inside a banana leaf then?

Pepper Crab

Despite that, it was still fun to try a few new things, like some clams whose shells were surprisingly hairy, and whose meat inside was dark grey and orange in color; it wasn't very tasty, but the meat was nice and firm. Too bad that they didn't have any gonggong tonight though. Apparently that is *the* local thing to get here.


Anonymous said...

Fish grilled inside banana leaf is called "pepes" in Indonesian.

bma said...

Thanks! Didn't see that on the menu. I wonder if they took it off the menu and/or if they will do it upon special request. Will have to try next time.

me said...

Pepes refers to food (could be fish, chicken, mushrooms, tofu, etc.) cooked (grilled and/or steamed) with lots of spices (basil, tumeric, chili, scallions, garlic, lemongrass, etc.) added beforehand for flavor. It's very tasty but if you want to request for your fish to be grilled in banana leaves (plain without spices) then you can try "ikan bakar bungkus daun pisang".

bma said...

Great - thanks for clarifying. Will be sure to try this next time.