Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dong Bei Can Ting on New Bridge Road, Singapore

Shredded Tofu

Sichuan food and some chuanr sounded like a good snack after a few drinks tonight. So we made our way over to New Bridge Road where a million of these shops are, figuring them most of them to be pretty similar. We thus randomly stepped into this place (197 New Bridge Road, 6423-1068).

To my surprise, the food here wasn't very good. That tofu skin dish above epitomized it: it was sweet (did they accidentally mix up the sugar and salt when they made this thing?). A noodle dish that we got was a bore, and the chuanr were too lean and tough (and since I'm nitpicking, the beer was warm too).

Granted, everything was so cheap that it's not like one is really entitled to complain. But there are so many other shops around here serving the same stuff (and do a much better job) that I'm surprised we somehow came across one that didn't do it right.

Addendum: now that I look at it again, the signage outside reads Zhong Guo Can Ting (subtitled in English as "China Restaurant"). But it's still the same phone number and it's still run by the guys behind Lao Si Chuan on Outram Road.

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