Sunday, October 18, 2015

Porn's Thai Boat Noodee [sic], Singapore

Beef Noodle

I don't know why he intentionally misspelled it, but that Pornsak dude opened up a boat noodle place at Kitchener Complex (809 French Road #01-43). When I first tasted the beef broth, my face clenched at how sweet it was. But it eventually became edible after dumping lots of dry chili powder in it (the yen ta fo variety was better as they added some kind of stanky pink sauce to it). We'll stick to that place at Sim Lim Square instead.


Unknown said...

I've never been tempted to try Porn's. Ever.

Speaking of beef noodles, there's a new stall on level 2 at Golden Mile called 'Beer House' which doesn't sell beer and is probably a misspelling of beef. Free flow of bean sprouts, basil and that leafy vegetable that tastes like parsley that i don't know the name of. Soup's really good but serving's very small though.

(Unrelated note - I can never sign in to OpenID on your site)

bma said...

Not sure why OpenID isn't working, but thanks for the tip either way!