Monday, October 19, 2015

Pakistani Mangoes in October

Pakistani Mangoes

I'm not sure of the name of this variety from Pakistan (presumably neither chaunsa nor anwar ratol), but they were interesting since the skin was green without any aroma whatsoever. Yet the guy at Tanjong Pagar Market told me that they were ripe already.

I don't know about that, as the flesh was still very firm (and interestingly, borderline white in color). But it was sweet, and also had a surprising hint of coconut and even pear in there. And of all things, these were available as late as October, which was pretty cool.

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Makanmata said...

To me they look like Chaunsa -- we get them here in North America as well this time of year. Nothing too special in my opinion. Sindhris can be much better -- yellow, and out of season by now.

Personally, I'll take a Brazilian Palmer -- the world's King of all Mangoes -- any day.