Friday, September 25, 2015

Angel Del Mar in Puerto Nuevo, Mexico

Langosta de Puerto Nuevo

I kinda had the sense that this was going to be a bit of a tourist trap, especially with mariachi bands and souvenir shops everywhere (Calle Paseo del Mar #18, +52-661-614-1430). And I was right, with English being spoken everywhere around me. Even the menu was in US dollars.

Well, this town is known for local lobsters pan-fried in lard. I selected the cheapest and smallest lobster at US$20, which came with rice and beans. None of it blew me away though. It was just pan-fried lobster, while the rice, beans, and even salsa were pretty boring too.

Still, that rooftop patio with its sea breeze was rather therapeutic after a week of meetings. Next time, I'll try Restauran Vista Al Mar #1 El Capi on Calle Anzuelo just one street over. It seems like it's much more of a local joint.

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