Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Iekei Ramen from Takumen 2 in Tanjong Pagar

Sakutaya's Iekei Ramen

Interesting that they call this place Takumen 2, when it's really just one bowl a week rotating through the second outlet of The Public Izakaya. So it's basically Takumen 2 at The Public Izakaya 2, if that makes any sense. To push things further, this week's featured bowl is an iekei ramen from a dude named Sakuta that hails from some famous shop called Rokkakuya in Yokohama. Got it?

Anyway, I liked this bowl better than I thought I would, as the broth was deep and earthy (reminded me a bit of Kusabi when they were still around). The ingredients were of reasonable quality too, while the noodles weren't overcooked. Still, the round spaghetti-like noodles were so thick that I didn't finish. Ultimately, I won't go for that bowl again.

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