Friday, February 06, 2015

Guksu Handmade Noodle House in Singapore


This place seemed like it might have some promise at first, with its handmade noodles and fried chicken (3 Temasek Boulevard #02-385, 6334-7950). I liked the texture of the flat noodles, and the beef broth that I got above had enough of a marrow-y kalbitang-like taste to it. Yet somehow, these things just didn't come together nicely, perhaps simply because of the boring garnishes. Yawn!

Fortunately, the fried chicken was much better, especially since they offered a naked version without that excessively sweet sauce slathered all over it. And the batter already had a surprisingly spicy kick to it, making it a delight to eat. Next time, I'm passing on the noodles and just going straight for the chicken. The cool thing is that they do single drumstick servings here too, making for a simple afternoon snack.

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