Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Collection of Southeast Asian Hot Sauces

From left: Sambal Rawit, Sambal Terasi, and Lingham's Chilli Sauce

This was a collection of local Southeast Asian hot sauces that we've been given to try. The green one on the left was the most interesting for me, as I typically think of Mexican salsa verde when I see a green sauce. And yet this green one, being from Southeast Asia, was sweet. It was garlicky too; if Huy Fong Foods hypothetically did a green variant of its sriracha sauce, I'd imagine that it might taste similar to this.

The other two, on the other hand, were red, with the sambal terasi in the middle carrying a bit of earthy stank to it. It had a lot of flavors going on at the same time, and immediately reminded me of what I might get with a plate of Indonesian ayam penyet. The Lingham's on the right from Malaysia was indeed extra hot as the label proclaims, making it fun to eat too, even if it - like the others - was sweet.

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Mojo_HK said...


If you're still in the Valley. Strongly suggest you try the lamb Biryani at Kabab and Curry's just off El Camino Real. This is probably the best lamb biryani I have ever tasted. Even better than Bismillah - with it's subtle use of spices, milder taste but extremely tender meat. They only serve it on Wed/Fri/Sun.