Sunday, August 24, 2014

Exploring More Items at Wrap & Roll

Cá chẻm chiên cuốn mắm xoài

Yes, I've been coming here a lot lately. But each time I keep finding something else on the menu that seems interesting to try, like this deep fried seabass, which came out very light and crispy. Of course, navigating those bones was a bit of a hassle (most were edible, but not all of them). I probably won't get it very often as a result, even though it's one of their better items.

Bò nhúng giấm

I also got this beef hotpot, whose broth was sweet and tangy, and thus something that took a bit of getting used to. It was only after I looked it up did I realize I had something similar in Saigon many years ago (and perhaps a number years before that as part of a Vietnamese "seven courses of beef"). Well, it was fragrant at least, complete with lemongrass and a pile of raw onions. It tasted more like Thai food than Vietnamese.

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