Monday, July 28, 2014

Hojoho (a.k.a. HuangJiHuang Three-Sauce Simmer Pot)

Three-Sauce Simmer Pot

Another sanzhimenguo shop from China has opened up in Singapore, this one being waaaaaay out at Westgate mall (3 Gateway Drive #B1-02, 6996-8888). I can hardly remember Laiyulai enough to make a proper comparison, but I liked how spicy they made ours today; I easily wolfed down two bowls of rice with it and nearly asked for a third.

Apparently the reason why this is called "three sauce" is not because there are three sauces inside, but rather that there was originally a selection of three different sauces to choose from, the other two being a seafood one and some original flavor rather than the mala one that we got. Either way, I need to remember not to wear anything nice here next time; we came out of here stinking like food.

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