Saturday, June 28, 2014

Shabestan at Singapore's Robertson Quay

Lamb Koobideh

I assume that this place has no relation to Shabestan in Dubai. But when I saw the name in an advertisement today, I had to do a double take; did a new Persian place open in Singapore? Yes, and it looks like it's been around for a number of months now. I swung by to check it out tonight (80 Mohamed Sultan Road, 6836-1270).

I went with my usual: koobideh and dough. And this place ultimately did the job, even if they didn't really supply much rice. It was eerily similar to Shiraz in that they provided a grilled chili pepper, didn't proactively provide raw onions nor butter, and even had a belly dancer in the evenings. But at least it's light years better than that Nasrin place on Arab Street.

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