Friday, May 02, 2014

BAM! Tapas-Sake Bar in Tanjong Pagar

Kampong Egg

With a name like this, you would have thought that it was run by Emeril Lagasse. Instead, this was run by a Santi alum, although I really have no idea what the origin of the name was. Still, the Santi credentials were good enough, so I came down here for a bite after work (38 Tras Street, 6226-0500).

I was kinda let down. Yes, it was all very high quality food, but the approach to everything was a bit too delicate for me to get excited about. In that sense, it kinda reminded me a bit of Esquina: respectable food, but nothing that I'm going back to pay for again, especially at those sky high prices. Frankly the whole sake thing never worked for me either; after a few sips, I kinda wished that I had ordered wine instead.

Still, there was one thing that I did get excited about, and that was the kampong egg above, which one mixed in with fried baby squid and chorizo. Conveniently enough, it was also the cheapest thing that I ordered tonight. I'd be willing to come back just for this, although hopefully the other items will be a bit more memorable next time.

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