Monday, April 07, 2014

United Has Swapped Out Its Headphones

Economy class headphones

Clearly I fly with these guys too much if I realize that they changed their headphones to the single-pronged ones that they usually give out in economy class rather than the usual noise-canceling ones. Frankly this is a bit better though, since those dual-pronged ones usually had some issues staying properly secured in the jack.

And how nice it was to have in-flight Wi-Fi on the long haul across the Pacific today. It was slow and spotty (and sites like Instagram and Flickr were blocked), but nonetheless, it allowed me to get most of my work done. Interesting to see the new promotional video of them wanting to improve their technology experiences too.

Epilogue: when I flew back on Friday out of Narita, they were using the usual two pronged headsets again. Maybe they just ran out on the outbound leg or something.

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