Thursday, April 03, 2014

Shillagalbi Grilled Ribs in Suwon, Korea


Apparently the town of Suwon is known for its rendition of kalbi. I wasn't quite sure of what was so special about it, but since we were down in Suwon today, I suggested that we get some for lunch, and our local host suggested this place (89-7 Woncheon-dong, 31-212-2354). It turns out that basically the thing that makes it unique is the marinade, which fortunately wasn't too strong at this restaurant and actually complimented it quite well.

The history, I was told, was that Suwon used to be all farmland many years ago, and hence the focus on beef. One can of course get this style of kalbi in other cities like Seoul, but this was getting it straight from the original source (a bit like going to Caesar's in Tijuana, I suppose). And yeah, the huge and slightly upscale spread of banchan at this place made it even nicer.

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