Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction, Singapore

Summer Truffle Tagliatelle

So we finally made it down to another outlet of Platypus on the expectation that they offered handmade pasta at reasonable prices (200 Victoria Street #03-29/29A, 6333-4434). And they generally delivered on that promise, with that plate above featuring nicely textured noodles, all at only S$15.50 (US$12.40), which is a bargain price considering how unnecessarily expensive pasta can be in Singapore.

Too bad that they totally over-sauced the pastas here though; I struggled to try to find something on the menu that was as minimalist as possible, and even then, they could have done the dish with only half of the sauce that they gave me. I'd come back here again for the quality of the noodles, but hopefully they can take a request from me to minimize the sauce next time.

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Nicholas Lin said...

Hi there, the pastas at our Bugis Junction branch are prepared with a little more sauce to cater to the younger crowd in the Bugis area. Our CBD / Raffles place outlets generally keep have the sauce more tight and are prepared in a slightly more traditional style.

Thanks for loving our lobster rolls! we have actually just launched a new menu at the china square branch.

you can email us at eat@platypuskitchen.com if you have any questions.

Thanks again for your support!