Tuesday, January 14, 2014

My First Time on EVA Air in 15 Years

The Evergreen Special

Actually, it wasn't even until today that I realized that the name of this airline is pronounced in terms of an acronym (E-V-A) rather than one of the Desperate Housewives. Anyway, the last time I took this airline was many years ago...far before they joined Star Alliance. That was also when they were one of the first airlines to have a premium economy seat; I could hardly remember what it was like, but surely the current premium economy seat has changed since then. It's now called Elite Class, for starters.

Interestingly, our corporate travel team found that Elite Class was still far cheaper than SQ Economy Class. Of course, these were not business class seats, but they were far better than SQ Economy (or UA Economy Plus). You actually got a good six inches or so of an armrest between you and the person next to you, not to mention a rather comfortable cradle position if you wanted to recline and kick your legs up halfway. Sure, the food was forgettable, but I'd still much rather take this than SQ Economy. Gotta love Star Alliance!

It might be interesting to see if these guys are worth taking to the US next time, assuming that the layover in Taoyuan isn't too painful. Oh - and in case you're wondering what that green drink is above, it was their "Evergreen Special," which I ordered out of sheer curiosity given that it was named after their corporate parent. It turned out to be a rather off-putting combination of Midori and vodka, but nonetheless I guess I can see the corporate color scheme that they were trying to go for with this thing.

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