Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pancho Villa Taqueria in SF's Mission District

Huachinango a la plancha

No, I didn't mean to come back to the neighborhood so quickly. But after a number of drinks tonight, we needed some food, and these guys were open late (3071 16th Street, 864-8840). They had the usual selection of tacos and such, but I went for something that I'd never heard of before, which was this huachinango a la plancha.

It was basically just grilled snapper, which one threw into some tortillas with garnish and down the hatch it went. And deliciously fresh it least, under the influence of some alcohol. Actually, we were with one of our colleagues from Mexico City, who said that this place was 80% authentic, if skewed towards Northern Mexico. He seemed particularly fond of the green salsa verde here.

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