Friday, September 27, 2013

Katsu Kare on ANA Peanut Class

Katsu Kare

Cool...I thought I smelled this stuff coming out of the food carts today. And from what I could see of passengers around me, everybody was getting the Japanese curry instead of whatever scallop-based Western alternative there was. Too bad that I didn't realize until after I wolfed down the curry that the pickles were sitting in the small tray to the right (I was wondering where the usual red pickles were...I should have looked for those little white shallots instead).

Apparently the reason for our one hour delay in departure was because of catering issues. If it was because they needed to get more curry on board, then I'm happy for it. Besides, they said that we'll still arrive on time, which means that the delay is actually a good thing in the sense that I got to spend more time at the airport plugged in and connected with lots of space around me before plonking myself down into a cattle class seat across the Pacific.

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