Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Yanzaowang at the GR Mall in Beijing

Peking Duck

No, that's not the Great Mall in Fremont, but the Golden Resources Mall in Haidian, apparently one of the largest malls in the world. I needed a quick bite before heading to the airport, and the hotel said that this place was a ten minute walk away, with tons of food up on the fifth floor.

And food there was, the place was huge. There were food courts and restaurants alike, serving things like hot pot, ma la xiang guo, and also chains like Pepper Lunch, Saizeriya, and even Taiwan's Sushi Express. I still wanted some Peking Duck after that disappointing meal from last night though, so I ended up at this shop (1 Yuanda Road, 5th floor, 010-88860939), where I got a half duck for CNY 95 (US$15).

Yes, it was finally what I wanted, with the duck carved tableside just like at Quanjude, and complete with crispy bits of skin that I gobbled down in seconds. Admittedly I haven't eaten this stuff enough to know if was better or worse than any others that I've had, but it was definitely better than the one from last night.

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