Monday, May 06, 2013

A Nasty Dinner Combo at Yoshinoya

$7 Dinner Combo Set

No, I would never order something so nasty-looking on my own accord. But I saw a sign for a S$7 (US$5.60) Dinner Combo Set that included a drink and a "choice of 2 meats," which I figured would be my usual chicken and beef. It was only after I ordered did I realize that it was a "choice of 2 meats *of the day*," meaning that the staff got to choose your meats for you.

Lo and behold, they bring out two of the worst things available, all covered in mayo and sauce to boot. Ugh! Well, at least those things were crispy and hot from the fryer. But I couldn't finish the rest. And that fifty cent upgrade option to garlic rice wasn't worthwhile either.

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