Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Mango ChaCha Outlet in Taipei

Mango Snowflake Ice

After those two bowls of noodles, I needed some dessert. And I was mentioning to my colleague that it's a shame that Ice Monster had closed down. So he recommended coming to this place instead, as it was another famous place, in part because they use local Irwin mangoes. We grabbed a couple of bowls as well as some mango flavored alcohol just out of sheer curiosity.

The shaved ice wasn't as good as Ice Monster was, but did the job, I suppose. I preferred the condensed milk-based "snowflake" ice over the one with the brown syrup. Perhaps more interesting were the mango-flavored beers that they had, as well as a strange mango liqueur, the latter of which was too sweet to be enjoyable. But again, it was interesting to try.

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