Monday, January 21, 2013

The "Dry" Version of Thai Soup Noodles

Dry Thai Noodles

When I first asked for a bowl of noodles from this lady, she muttered one word in English: "Soup??" I nodded and happily slurped away a concoction similar to last night, all dressed in chili pepper flakes and fish sauce.

But then I needed a little more, and the thought occurred to me, "Wait...if she asked me if I wanted soup when I ordered, that implies that she makes a non-soup version too." So I made a gesture with my arms while saying the words "no soup," and this is what she brought out.

Now, keep in mind that without soup, she had to douse it in that thick dark soy sauce, which was a bit bitter and admittedly a bit of a turnoff, despite my trying to cover it up with a bit of vinegar. I'll stick to the soup version next time.

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