Sunday, April 15, 2012

Strictly Pancakes, Prinsep Street, Singapore

Hawaiian Pancake Set

I'm not one to really care much for pancakes. But I guess that when they are needed, this would be the place to get them (44A Prinsep Street, 6333-4202)'s not like there are that many pancake houses in Singapore anyway. Today, they were only offering a short selection of simple pancakes like the set shown above.

I suppose that it did the job, even if they charged S$1 (US$0.80) for more maple syrup, which meant that we had to use those little half-full shot glasses sparingly. Now that I think of it, that batter was strangely crumbly, which I didn't care that much for either. But at least it was better than anything that could come out of an automated machine.

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Brekkie Tenshi said...

These pancakes left me with hunger pangs at this hour... Lol... any clue on good belgian waffles?