Thursday, April 05, 2012

Imperial Herbal Restaurant, Singapore

TCM Veggies

Remember that old Bourdain episode where he walked into a restaurant in Singapore and had the in-house doctor give him a prescription of food to eat for dinner? Well, these guys moved over to VivoCity (1 HarbourFront Walk #03-08, 6337-0491), and we came down here tonight to see the doctor, who is only here at certain times, and who one has to pay an extra S$15 (US$12) to see.

Now, I tried Traditional Chinese Medicine for the first time at Eu Yan Sang about a month ago, as I had this annoying cough that would not go away despite all of the antibiotics, codeine, and Robitussin that I could throw at it. Granted, the ground up Chinese medicine only improved the situation mildly, but it didn't taste as bad as I had thought; it was in fact mildly sweet rather than bitter, so I figured that this place would be similar.

I was wrong. The lingzhi soup that this lady gave me was nasty; it was so bitter that I struggled to finish it. And sadly, most of the stuff that she prescribed to us wasn't even available tonight, so we had to fall back on basic things like noodles and such. OK, the veggies that she prescribed above were fine (excluding the long human hair that I found in it), but otherwise this was not anything that I'll go for again, especially since she told me that I should stop drinking beer (oh no!).


ice said...

This isn't the Imperial Herbal Restaurant that was featured in Bourdain's episode, this place is just another restaurant of the same name. The actual Imperial Herbal which was at Metropole Hotel (since closed long ago) along Seah Str moved to Clarke Quay & was renamed Metropole Herbal. It moved back to Purvis Str in 2010 & was renamed Restaurant Ten. Restaurant Ten has also since closed too last year as the restaurant owners decided to call it a day. A real pity coz their food is awesome.

ice said...

Some clarifications if this sounded confusing. Bourdain's episode was filmed in Imperial Herbal when it was at Metropole Hotel. When the restaurant moved to Clarke Quay, some workers left and set up this "faux" Imperial Herbal in Vivocity, which explains the similarity in the dishes. The actual owners & restaurant managers were actually still with the Clarke's Quay's Metropole Herbal, and then Restaurant Ten.