Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tampopo's Hotaru Ika to Negitoro Don

Hotaru Ika to Negitoro Don

Hotaru ika is apparently some kind of squid from Toyama that glows in the dark, and they were in season today at Tampopo. They had run out of the cooked version that they normally use in this bowl, so instead they gave me raw ones at a slight premium. I had never had these little things before, so I was curious to know what they tasted like.

To my surprise, each one had a small bladder of juice (or guts?) inside that burst open upon biting into it. It was kinda like eating that old school Freshen Up gum with the gel in the center, except that in this case, the filling was thin and fishy. It may sound kinda gross, but I can see why people like it: sure, it was a little fishy, but it was savory too.

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