Thursday, December 08, 2011

Taking SilkAir to Kuala Lumpur


SQ only operates a few flights to KL every day, but they've been hard to get ticketed on, so I've had to take MH on my past couple of runs up here. And I'm not sure why I didn't realize this before, but SilkAir has a lot of runs up here too.

It must have been a long time since I've flown these guys, but I was surprised by how the plane's interior is so bright and clean, providing a sense of space. The mood music overhead provided a gentle calming effect for what would have otherwise been a rushed commuter flight.

But waiting forever on the tarmac at Changi this morning also reminded me of how much more work I can get done by taking the bus instead (incidentally, I'm told that Aeroline finally got some newer buses or seats now). Well, if I need to fly to KL for some reason, then I'm definitely choosing SilkAir. In some ways, I like it even better than those cramped flights that SQ proper does up here.

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