Tuesday, October 25, 2011

F. Cooke Pie and Mash, London

One Small Pie and Mash

I wanted to get some cheap yet traditional English food while I was here, so I stopped by this old school shop (150 Hoxton Street, 020-7729-7718) to grab one of their pies and mash. It was a lot lighter than I was expecting, especially with that green parsley-based "liquor" on top, helping me gobble this down quickly. I was kinda curious about those jellied eels that they had too, but instead I exercised restraint, seeing that I had eaten another meal just an hour or so before this.


jon said...

the 'liquor' is actually made from eel stock as well as parsley!
did you cut into your pie and dowse it with vinegar first?!

Shanghai Bunny said...

I tried jellied eel and it ended up back on my napkin.