Monday, April 11, 2011

Sam's Grill & Seafood Restaurant, SF

Baked Clams Elizabeth

I've never heard of Baked Clams Elizabeth before. But this old school seafood place here in San Francisco (374 Bush Street, 421-0594) was apparently known for it, so I grabbed it just out of curiosity's sake. Contrary to its appearance, it wasn't covered in cheese and cayenne powder, but rather bread crumbs and paprika, as best as I could make out. It wasn't anything for me to get excited about, but at least the clams were fresh, and the savory juice at the bottom was - as always with clams - fun to drink. Similarly, the dungeness crab cakes that I got as a starter didn't blow me away, but they did the job.

I'd rather go to the Tadich Grill though. It's too bad - Sam's looked exactly like my kind of old school seafood joint here in San Francisco especially with its wood furnishings, tuxedoed waiters, and daily printed menus...not to mention sourdough bread awaiting at each table. But the food was a bit too tame for me...and interestingly there was no cioppino on the menu today either. If I come back, I'll definitely try the fish - it seemed to have been a popular item here.

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