Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Few Sights from Singapore Today

Air Scruff Stretch

Here were some random - if childishly amusing - things that I saw in town this afternoon, the first of which was this neck-stretching contraption available for sale at Millenia Walk. I laugh now, but maybe I should try it first before knocking it.

Siam Kitchen

Next up were these big letters on the wall at Siam Kitchen's Suntec City outlet. Obviously it's meant to just provide a polite hello in Thai, but I had always seen the second word spelled krub instead. The way they've spelled it here probably isn't what one wants to see on the wall at a restaurant, although I guess this isn't the only unfortunate transliteration from the Thai language.

Coo Coo Roo

Finally, here was a stall from Liang Court's new Kopitiam food court. Folks from Los Angeles will be familiar with a rotisserie chicken place called Koo Koo Roo, so it was amusing to see these guys called Coo Coo Roo. They were serving Singaporean chicken rice though (and no, I didn't try it).

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