Friday, December 03, 2010

Rice from Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen

From left: Cajun Rice and Red Beans and Rice

I can't remember where I read that Popeye's made a respectable rendition of red beans and rice, but I am not sure if I agree. The beans were obliterated into such a mush that this seemed more like Mexican frijoles. Granted, I'm hardly an expert on red beans and rice considering that I only tried it for the first time this morning, but I still liked Daisy Dukes' version the best, with its spicy bite, whole beans, and soft rice.

While I was here, I also got their Cajun rice, which is of course more properly known as dirty rice thanks to those brown bits of chicken liver. I've never had the real version before so I don't know how this compares, but it worked for me as the liver taste was mild and rich rather than offending. Then again, if I hadn't tried any other place's red beans and rice before, I'd probably like Popeye's version too.

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