Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Killiney Curry Puff, Singapore

Curry Puff and a Prawn Thing

The thing that drew my attention to this coffeehouse (93 Killiney Road, 6736-2011) was not the local curry puffs, but rather these prawn things with the giant green chili peppers, the name of which eludes me. They were basically like Indian vadai with a prawn shoved into it, thus making for interesting eating since it implied that one was supposed it eat it all, from the head to the shell to the tail. It tasted like it sounded, but it's too bad that the chili pepper wasn't anywhere near spicy, or I would have liked it a lot more.

And what about their namesake curry puffs? I could see what the fuss was about: they had a rich flaky pastry and even a piece of hard boiled egg inside. And the piping hot curried potatoes inside were a nice touch too. But it was also a tad sweet, which didn't appeal to me but is probably exactly the reason why many people like this place. They also had dishes available like mee soto and even nasi lemak. The former was fine but I'd pass on the second one. Clearly these guys built their name on curry puffs instead.

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