Monday, May 03, 2010

Teochew Olive Rice from Soup Restaurant

Teochew Olive Rice and Samsui Chicken

Olives aren't exactly something that one thinks of when it comes to Chinese cuisine, but apparently preserved ones get used from time to time. And in light of Thai olive fried rice, I guess that the concept doesn't seem that strange. Well, regardless of how olives entered Asian cuisine, I'm rather fond of the Teochew Olive Rice from Soup much that I shoveled a ton of this stuff into my mouth tonight before even touching their famous Samsui Chicken. It's light yet flavorful and hits the spot.

On a separate but related note, I wonder why Soup Restaurant doesn't rename itself to something like Samsui Restaurant or something a bit more reflective of its local heritage. I'm sure that everyone coming to Singapore eats the usual things like chili crab, while Samsui dishes from Soup Restaurant often get overlooked, despite how unique they are. I'll try to remember to bring visitors from out of town here more often.


Lena Lee said...

Hi there.
I totally agree that Soup Restaurant should be part of Sg's food heritage and place equal (if not higher) with the chili crabs. But somehow, lots of people and tourist never get to try it when visiting sg.
My mum loves the Soup restaurant alot and last xmas was her first time trying the olive rice and instantly, it overtook the samsui chicken as her fav dish there.
But I find it a bit too salty.

sleepybee said...

i chanced upon your blog and i love your writing styles and the glorious food photos. keep them coming dude!

EP said...

Actually, the Chinese olive (Canarium album) is not the same fruit as the more common olive (Olea europaea), and the taste is different!

Chinese olives are quite commonly eaten as snacks/sweets here in Singapore.