Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spaghetteria L'Archetto, Rome, Italy

Spaghetti and Chicory

One thing to remember about eating in Italy is that - contrary to common practice outside of the country - pasta is not a meal on its own. If anything, pasta is only the first of at least two courses in a proper meal, and hence portions tend to be fairly small before one gets his second course of meat, fish, etc. Thus, it was rather surprising to come across this place (Via dell' Archetto 26, 678-9064), which focuses on pasta and pizza. Sure, they had a very short list of second courses on the menu if you so wished, but they paled in comparison to the pages upon pages of spaghetti preparations available.

In fact, it was only spaghetti rather than any other types of pasta. Not that I minded - they cooked these noodles to such a perfectly firm texture that I could care less about the shape. The version pictured here was nice and fragrant thanks to the white wine, mushrooms, and cheese that they used. I liked the very well balanced taste of oil in the aglio olio e pepperoncino too. The desserts were a bit peculiar given that they were pulled out of a freezer in packaged form, but overall prices here were low and it did the job.

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