Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fruit and a Chocolate Bunny on Lufthansa

Fruit and a chocolate bunny

Here was dessert on today's Lufthansa flight, which included a little chocolate bunny. Actually, I was very happy have finally gotten some fish for a main course after so many meals of non-stop meat. It isn't pictured here, but I gobbled up the filet of pikeperch today with ease, even if the taste of dijon mustard was a bit strong in those mashed potatoes. Next time we should probably plan to include some runs to the coastal regions of Italy.


shulypoo said...

I had a blast seeing my own country through your eyes in these past few days.
If you plan on visiting our coastal regions some day you should definitely keep an eye on Genova (pesto alla genovese + pansoti al sugo di noci = the peak of our local culinary awesomeness).

I also think you skipped Bologna, a sort of gastronomic Shangri-La even for Italians. Pretty much every food that is considered "typically Italian" abroad comes from Bologna. And, of course, in Bologna it tastes much better.

Going back to lurking now :p

Kevin said...

Nantsuttei, the famous Kumamoto style ramen shop, is now open for business at the new Parco Marina Bay shopping centre at Millenia Walk.

I give it a thumbs up, and am looking forward to your review of it.


Unknown said...

I really enjoyed the food on Lufthansa! :) I didn't get a chocolate bunny though - maybe if I travelled during Easter I may! :)