Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Disappointing Bistecca Rendition

Bistecca alla Fiorentina and Spinaci

Given that we are heading out of Florence tomorrow, I figured that I should get another bistecca alla fiorentina in the hopes that it would be of better quality than the one I got last time. Conveniently enough, pretty much every restaurant in this town offers it, so I ordered it from a friendly little neighborhood shop whose menu was very short with reasonable prices. Unfortunately, I was let down. Not only was this one even more difficult to cut, it lacked the aroma that at least helped me forget about the toughness of the meat the other day.

Then again, we will probably still have opportunities to get this out in the Tuscan countryside, regardless if it's in Florence itself or not. I'll need to watch the cholesterol count though; the chicken liver crostini (plus the taster of spaghetti alla carbonara) that I got along with this no doubt just blew my numbers off the charts. Let's hope that all of the olive oil and wine on the side at least helps partially reduce the blow.

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min~* said...

all the pastas look amazing! :) try to tuscan breads. i heard they are good. i wish i could go there too. :/