Friday, February 12, 2010

More Trader Vic's on United

Sesame pink peppercorn salmon with lime leaf beurre blanc, mushroom rice cake and julienne vegetable slaw

United was offering two selections from Trader Vic's tonight. I opted for the "sesame pink peppercorn salmon with lime leaf beurre blanc." It tasted better than it looked, with a rich and tender cut of salmon plus some mushroom rice underneath to go with it. But in retrospect, I probably should have loaded up on something back at the airport when I could have. It was disappointing to find that United is still using the old business class seats out of Narita too - I would have thought that nearly the entire fleet was converted by now.

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True San Franciscian said...

UA is taking its sweet time converting the 772s to new C. Funny how they did the 763s first, despite the fact that they don't fly to Asia and that Asia is the region where they can gank the customer by charging really high fares compared to the service provided. Also, most of the UA fleet is 772s so you'd figure they'd make it a priority. With the rate they're going, it'll be done by the time the A350s and the Dreamliners enter service.