Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maguro Head Meat from Tampopo

Zuke Chirashi Don

I pretty much only got this because of the amusing name; it's not often that one goes into a restaurant to order "head meat." Actually, it wasn't even that obvious from the photo, as it's covered up by several other gigantic pieces of sushi that came along with it. But underneath all of that lay the dark red slices of marinated head meat in this zuke chirashi don. It didn't really taste that different, actually. I suppose that the sheer fact that they only serve ten bowls a day created enough of a curiosity factor that I had to come give this item on Tampopo's list of specials a try at lunchtime before they sold out.


JHKim said...

Not only do i wanna try the head meat but the whole bowl looks delicious!

Right now I'm in some hicktown in Midwest where such a concept as "fresh fish" is considered an oxymoron so I guess I'll have to wait 'til I go back to SG this winter.

Anonymous said...

What sort of "head meat" was underneath? Tuna?