Friday, September 04, 2009

Schweinebraten from Hackerhaus, Munich

Schweinebraten mit Kartoffelknödel und Sauerkraut

Whoa that was unexpectedly good. Just as I was starting to get tired of all of the meat here in Germany, I found myself delighted with this plate of Schweinebraten, which I picked up for lunch here at Hackerhaus (Sendlinger Strasse 14, 260-5026). Rather than being as brash as a big chunk of pork knuckle, these thin slices were tender and tasty in the lean parts (reminding me a bit of Japanese chashu), all while having the added bonus of some crispy tasty skin to go with it. Occasionally finding whole peppercorns hiding in in the Sauerkraut was a nice touch, while the Kartoffelknödel filled the rest of the belly. The beer and 7-Up mixture known as Radler was way sweeter than I was expecting, but it did the job of washing it all down.

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