Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Orlando's Caribbean BBQ at AT&T Park

Cha Cha Bowl

We went to a Giants game tonight, where I poked around at each of the concession stands to see to see if there were anything interesting beyond the usual hot dogs and nachos. I ended up at Orlando's Caribbean BBQ, which was serving this so-called Cha Cha Bowl. It didn't look like much, but I was still curious to see if it was going to be better than it looked.

It wasn't. It was just a bowl of rice topped with tough and dry (almost jerky-like) cubes of chicken with beans and some zucchini salsa. I added some chipotle sauce, which was sweeter than it was spicy, making it a bit like bi bim bap. But I ended up stopping halfway through the bowl rather than trying to finish it. Paying a whopping $8 for a Red Stripe beer to go with it only made me question my choice further. Was this rice bowl thing really from the Caribbean?

Well, at least I got some salvation from Murphy's Irish Pub, where a Bass Ale and some Irish Nachos worked for me, even if the latter wasn't anything more than just chili cheese fries. Next time, I'll stick to the basics and save my stomach space for some of those delicious looking grilled sausages and Gordon Biersch garlic fries instead. Either that, or hit up the Acme Chophouse downstairs first before heading out to our seats.

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Anonymous said...

well, I hate to say this, but you dont go to an nfl game and eat rice pilaf and drink wine, then complain about the vintage. Anymore than you go to a soccer match and complain of the quality of the clam chowder. thats just stupid. I dont go to Branson ms and then complain cause there was no opera. you go to a game, you eat hot dogs, peanuts, and drink beer. if you want a fine craft beer, a nice chardonay and brie and crackers, stay home and watch it on tv. now excuse me. they left off the grey poupon from my ostrich sausgage on the vienna roll. jezze, get a grip.