Friday, September 18, 2009

Japanese Botan Rice Candy

Botan Rice Candy

Whoa - that was a blast from the past. One of my Japanese friends introduced these to me when we were kids...the novelty being the edible rice paper that wrapped the little pink candy. When we randomly encountered these at a shop today, I had to pick up a pack for old times' sake.


Rona Y said...

That was my favourite candy when I was a child, but I always thought it was Chinese. I only found out about 5 years ago that it was Japanese, and luckily, living in Japan I found out it was a traditional Japanese candy! It's called Bontan Ame ("bontan" is a kind of citrus fruit, "ame" means "candy"), and it's even better than the US version.

If you're ever in Japan, you can often find them at department stores in the section where they sell old-style candies and snakes (and sometimes at convenience stores). It's less than Y300 for a pack of 4 boxes!

Noriko said...

I used to eat this all the time. So "natsukashii !!!"

Rona Y said...

Oops. That should have been "snacks" not "snakes".

Still, bontan ame rocks!